RFCC small bible study groups serve a combined role of evangelism, friendship building, mutual support, training and discipleship. For these roles to be effective, the groups need to be small. Three to eight people is best, but no more than 12. Some may get good results with larger groups, especially when they are young adults or student cell groups.

RFCC small bible study groups are different than cell groups in other churches. In most churches, cell groups are the basic home-based group loosely connected to the church. At RFCC, the main group is the “home church”, and small bible study groups are extensions of the home church.

There is a very strong connection to the home church. Some small bible study groups may have uncommitted church members, or even non-Christians.  We believe we can maximize the effectiveness of discipleship through small groups. Small groups create an environment where members disciple one another. This brings in a dynamic not found in traditional one-on-one discipleship. Leaders and mature believers can engage in one-on-one discipleship with key members of their small groups at the same time, resulting in more complete discipleship.

There is no product or business solicitation conducted as part of the small groups.  We simply want to “know Jesus and to make Jesus known”.

For more information about small bible study groups, contact RFCC at (301) 625-9798.


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